Write a review of a restaurant

Also see Society of Wiki Restaurant Reviewers. Ok, you've gotten back from a restaurant and the experience was worthy enough that you want to share it with the world via the wiki. Let's start with the good review — it's a lot easier.

Write a review of a restaurant

Pin it Guidelines for Writing a Restaurant Review Thanks to the review websites which provide critique for just about anything one can think of. These websites not only allow you to share your personal eatery experiences with online users but also act as a source of monetary gain.

Moreover, diners trust the opinions of peers and like minded customers more than the advertising campaigns. Please note that it is highly unethical to write restaurant reviews based on forged or assumed information. The pre requisites for writing a restaurant reviews are as under: You must dine in at the chosen restaurant at least twice to be able to create a genuine opinion about it.

Keep your sense of observation on the ball. Carefully notice the decor, furniture, theme, seating arrangement, and lighting, status of customers, appearance of servers, cleanliness and the message conveyed by the overall ambience of the restaurant. Details like these are important to the readers.

Casually talk to the waiters about the specialties of the restaurant.

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If handled tactfully, you can even extract the good and bad features of the restaurant from the conversation.

Read the menu carefully to get an idea about the kind of food items the restaurant is offering such as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Continental etc. Compare the quality, presentation and taste of the food with its price so that you are in a position to genuinely pass on a red or green signal to the customers.

Format for a Restaurant Review Now that you have all the notes with you, you are in a perfect position to write a thorough restaurant review for your blog, website or assignment.

Type of Menu Remember that your readers are majorly concerned about knowing the menu offered by the chosen restaurant. You need to add personal touch to this section by telling the readers what you ordered from the menu and did it taste as advertised. Quality of Food Obviously no one wants to stuff low quality food in the stomach.

You need to honestly write about the quality of food you have experienced at the chosen restaurant. Elucidate this point by adding a personal example.

Pricing Nowadays people are looking for value for their hard earned money. A restaurant seems desirable only if customers find hygienic and quality food at a reasonable price. You are not required to mention the exact price of any food item; talk about the overall pricing in relation to quality and ambience.

Service Share valuable information with the readers regarding the time it took the food to reach your table and how were you treated by the staff. Cleanliness If the restaurant appears to be clean and everything is well organized, customers would be delighted to dine in at the chosen restaurant.

On the contrary, dirty and scratchy dishes, cracked flooring and dingy furniture are big turn off. Let the readers know how clean or unclean you found the place. Writing Mechanics If your restaurant review is dull and boring, there is no reason why it would be read.

Use your own voice and make your review highly unique and personal. Remember, if the review is genuine, not only will you receive more hits but your opinion would also be reckoned.

Popular Restaurant Review Sites There are a number of websites as well as mobile applications which are aimed at simplifying the process of decision making for the diners.Write a Review and See How Others Rate Us We're only as good as our customers say we are.

We value the opinions of our patrons. We invite you to click on one of the review places below to write a review or review the prior reviews written about us. The Society of Wiki Restaurant Reviewers hold higher standards and are considered experts in the art of restaurant review.

They recommend you write some or all of the review while still at the restaurant, while it's fresh in your mind.

First, think of writing a review like a writing a story, though not necessarily a story about you — there's a beginning, a middle, and an end. Each has elements compelling readers onward, but essentially, you're telling a story about the restaurant and experience there.

write a review of a restaurant

Some review websites even have a spot where you can list exactly what dishes you ordered. Evaluate the Entire Experience - While the food is obviously the main attraction of any restaurant, there are other factors that can greatly influence the overall dining experience including ambiance, d cor and service are important to note.

Restaurant Review Toronto, with a population of million people, is the largest, modern and culturally diverse city in Canada.

As it is one of the most multicultural cities on earth, no other city has this unique international atmosphere than the Greater Toronto Area.

You can only write a review and upload photos if you’ve made a booking with us and stayed at the hotel. That’s how we know our reviews are from real guests.

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