Write a 68000 assembly language subroutine

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Write a 68000 assembly language subroutine

Sample Program Enter into your file, the following code. CR ; Now save the file to disk. The text in parentheses is also a comment. If you saved your file as WORK: FTH Forth will compile your file and tell you how many bytes it has added to the dictionary.

To test your word, enter: We can now do something that is very unusual in a programming language. If you now try to execute TEST. Go back into the editor and make the following changes: ANEW is always used at the beginning of a file.

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It defines a special marker word in the dictionary before the code. The word typically has "TASK-" as a prefix followed by the name of the file. If the code was not forgotten, the dictionary would eventually fill up.

If you have a big project that needs lots of files, you can have a file that will load all the files you need. Sometimes you need some code to be loaded that may already be loaded. If not, please substitute the actual name.

Variables Forth does not rely as heavily on the use of variables as other compiled languages. This is because values normally reside on the stack. There are situations, of course, where variables are required.

A space in memory is now reserved to hold its bit value. To store data into memory you use the word! It looks like an exclamation point, but to a Forth programmer it is the way to write bit data to memory.

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To read the value contained in memory at a given address, use the Forth wordpronounced "fetch".A current I is flowing along the y-axis and a spherical surface with radius 1 m has its center at origin, as in the figure left.

A closed contour C is chosen as in the figure, which is a boundary between two semi-sphere surfaces S1 and S2. Get Textbooks on Google Play. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

write a 68000 assembly language subroutine

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Question: Write a assembly language subroutine, MIN, which finds the smallest number in an array of te write a assembly language subroutine, MIN, which finds the smallest number in an array of ten elements pointed to by A0.

write a 68000 assembly language subroutine

i) Write the main program to call MAX and write the subroutine MAX to perform the searching function. The addresses num_no, tab and max_num MUST be passed to the subroutine via the stack, and the contents all registers used within the subroutine MUST NOT be changed upon exit.

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