Thesis into a book

Unless your academic supervisor already allowed you to craft your thesis as a book script. Publishers want to see something closely resembling a book manuscript. So you need to change your thesis into a book proposal form. Here are the main changes you need to work on.

Thesis into a book

This is a repost from This one is from Maria, who asks, do I have a template like my Foolproof Grant Template for turning a dissertation into a book?

No, Maria, I do not. But there are some tips that I can offer for easing the process and making it more efficient. Why should you turn your dissertation into a Thesis into a book, you ask? If you are in a book field, the fact is, your dissertation must be transformed into a book to be of full value to you.

The dissertation alone counts for little in the academic career. The dissertation serves you only insofar as you can quickly transform it into the commodities that bring value on the market—peer reviewed articles preferably published before you defend and start the job searchhigh profile grants that funded the research, high profile conferences in which you present the research publicly, and finally, the advance contract for the book from a major NOT minor academic press.

Thesis into a book

These are the tangible accomplishments that you must have to be competitive for a tenure track position at this point in time. Write from day one with a wide market of undergraduates in mind.

You want the book to be assigned as a text in undergraduate courses in your field. Write it so those undergraduates can read it.

Remember that the methodology section will be entirely removed from the book mss. And the literature review will be almost entirely removed, with a small section folded into the Introduction or other chapters.

Conceptualize and write the entire thing remembering that these sections, while critical to your committee, are short-lived.

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In the meantime, put extra effort into a catchy, appealing Introduction and Conclusion. These speak to readers, and to the editors and reviewers who will judge your mss. Academic publishing is in the same epic financial crisis as the rest of the academic world.

Publishers are going out of business right and left, and those that remain are under pressure to publish books that actually sell and make a profit unlike the old days when it was understood that scholarly monographs rarely broke even. Publishers must keep their production costs low, and this means they want shorter books.

The dissertation may be treated like the intellectual achievement par excellence in your doctoral program, but in the real world of jobs with benefits, it is a commodity that has value only when it can be traded for gain on the market.

Do a google search of such classes and find out what kinds of books are assigned. Take a look at those books and see what their main selling points seem to be.

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Then ask yourself how you can adjust and mold your dissertation to be the kind of book that serves that market without losing sight of your actual project and findings, of course! When you send the mss. Write with style and flair. Products that sell have to be differentiated from the competition—ie, they have to be exciting, new, and different.

You have to please your committee to get a Ph. Your committee controls you for a few years, but your book establishes your career trajectory for decades. You have an agenda, and that is publishing an influential, high-profile book with a top press.Lots of people want to turn their thesis into a book.

This is not always possible – not all theses make good books. But it may also not be desirable. Some disciplines revere the scholarly monograph so writing one may be very good for the career.

How To Publish Your Thesis Into A Book In 4 Steps Many people pursue this goal immediately upon finishing their PhD as part of an overall academic career strategy. Image by Sharon McCutheon on Unsplash I feel like a bit of a fraud because I am sort of writing about something I have never done… However, Thong, the husband of one of my PhD students, Nguyen pointed out that I have been involved with five published books, with two more in the pipeline.
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Remove all academic scaffolding Tweet on Twitter Completing your thesis is a seminal moment in your life. It represents your Magnum Opus.

But others hold the peer reviewed journal article as. A book based on a thesis is a way to discuss the implications of your research to the larger community. A thesis is meant to teach a student or prospective author the process of your research.

Or to simply get the job done and obtain a degree, of course. Converting the entire PhD thesis into a book requires that your thesis covers a topic of interest to a large enough audience of scholars. Whereas a thesis starts with a question, a book begins with an answer and communicates its importance in the wider research landscape, tracing its evolution and impact.

If you are looking to rework a thesis into a book (or, say, are the supervisor of someone in that position) then this chapter has information specific to theses that is not found elsewhere. This is probably the toughest step in turning your thesis into a book, but using a thesis editing service can make it much easier.

Changing the wording is a first step in editing your thesis.

Thesis into a book

This goes hand in hand with improving reading ease. No, Maria, I do not. The process of turning the dissertation into a book will be different for every writer, and doesn’t lend itself to a template.

But there are some tips that I can offer for easing the process and making it more efficient. This post is my Top Five Tips for Turning Your Dissertation Into a Book.

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