Pune city essay

Pune, India One of the leading cities in India today, Pune is a blend of rich culture, heritage and modernization. Favorable climate and proximity to Mumbai makes Pune City an ideal choice for living and business. The most outstanding aspect of Pune and its people is the balance they have maintained between modernity and their age-old rich culture and tradition. Pune went on to add many more colleges under its ambit, thus emerging as the second largest university of the country.

Pune city essay

A small, previously little known group affiliated with the Hindu-nationalist organisation, Maratha Seva Sangh - Return to top of the page - Chronology Based on Ketaki Ghoge's chronology in his article, Rape of culture leaves city in shock Indian Express, 5 Januaryand other mentioned sources.

See also Anupama Katakam's article, Politics of vandalism in Frontline issue of January for a good overview and pictures. Oxford University Press India apologised and withdrew the book from the Indian market. The book continued to be listed in the OUP India catalogue until mid-January, but has since been removed.

The book remains in print and available outside India. Shiv Sena activists confronted and attacked scholars attached to BORI over their role in assisting Laine with his book.

Sanskrit scholar Shrikant Bahulkar was physically assaulted and his face blackened an act meant to shame him.

See Scholar destroys own work on Shivaji 25 December Pune city essay Mehendale, who had previously called for the withdrawal of Laine's book, went to the Shiv Sena offices to demand an apology for the assault on Bahulkar.

When none was forthcoming he destroyed several hundred manuscript pages of his own unpublished biographical study of Shivaji. See Scholar destroys own work on Shivaji 28 December Shiv Sena leader Raj Thackeray personally apologised to Bahulkar.

The Times of India reported 29 December that: Raj assured Bahulkar that such incidents would not be repeated and that Sena activists would have to get a "clearance" from the toprung leaders before embarking on such "aggressive campaigns" in the future.

James Laine faxed a statement apologising to some Pune scholars.

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The Times of India reported Laine says sorry for hurting sentiments 30 Decemberquoting: I had no desire to upset those for whom he is an emblem of regional and national pride, and I apologise for inadvertently doing so," he said in a faxed message to some city scholars.

Again I apologise," the American author said. Over activists from the Sambhaji Brigade attacked BORI, ransacking the building, defacing books and artworks, and destroying property.

The extent of the damage is not clear at this time -- especially regarding the irreplaceable manuscripts and historical artefacts -- but appears to be considerable. Seventy-two of the hooligans were arrested. Mid-Day published Pune institute's desecration shocks authorin which Laine comments on events and explains, inter alia: My goal was not to establish my version of the true history of Shivaji, but to examine the forces that shaped the commonly held views.

In so doing, I suggest that there might be other ways of reading the historical evidence, but in making such a suggestion, I have elicited a storm of criticism.

Illustrating the government's disturbing priorities and a continued interest in appeasing populist elements State Home Minister R.


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Search Top MBA colleges by City & Exams accepted I compare Colleges by Rankings,fee,Placements. One of the leading cities in India today, Pune is a blend of rich culture, heritage and modernization.

Pune city essay

Favorable climate. and proximity to Mumbai makes Pune City an ideal choice for living and business. Indian Air Force has released the notification for the Indian Air Force Airmen Recruitment Online applications are invited for unmarried male (Indian/ Nepalese) in group X trades (except education instructor trade) and group Y trades (except automobile technician, ground training instructor, Indian air force (police), Indian air force (security) and musician trades).

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