Presidential campaign tactics of 1828 and

Jackson supporters used this Battle of New Orleans anthem as their campaign song. Problems playing this file?

Presidential campaign tactics of 1828 and

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Blog Election of The Election of had left supporters of Andrew Jackson bitterly disappointed. He had garnered the most electoral votes, but had been denied the presidency by the House of Representatives. The Election of was unique in that nominations were no longer made by Congressional caucuses, but by conventions and the state legislatures.

John Quincy Adams was re-nominated by forces then calling themselves the National Republicans; his running mate was Secretary of the Treasury Richard Rush. The Democratic Republican soon to be simply Democratic opposition was posed by Jackson and his vice-presidential candidate, John C. Calhoun who had previously been vice president under Adams.

The Election of 1828: It's Always Been Ugly

The campaign was the first true mud-slinging contest. The charges against Jackson were much more malicious. He was accused of murder for executing militia deserters and dueling. In addition, he and his wife were accused of adultery.

Rachel was a divorcee'; she and Jackson believed her divorce was finalized before their marriage. The papers were incomplete, however, and she was publicly branded an adulteress by Jackson's political opponents.

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Jackson was humiliated, became ill and died before the inauguration. Jackson believed these attacks caused his wife's death and said, "May God Almighty forgive her murderers as I know she forgave them.

Presidential campaign tactics of 1828 and

The final tally showed:The Birth of Modern Politics: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and the Election of (Pivotal Moments in American History) [Lynn Hudson Parsons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The presidential election, which pitted Major General Andrew Jackson against incumbent John Quincy Adams. The Great Republic: Presidents and States of the United States of America, and Comments on American History.

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The Campaign and Election of The four years of the John Quincy Adams administration constituted one long, acrimonious, and in the end, one-sided presidential campaign.

Jefferson vs. Adams, 1800

Determined not to be paralyzed by his status as a minority President, Adams overreached with controversial policy initiatives. Jackson launched his campaign on January 8, with a major speech on the 13th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans from , thus marking the birth of the modern Democratic Party.

Jackson accepted John C. Calhoun, incumbent Vice President under John Quincy Adams, as his running mate. The election of was perhaps the dirtiest in American history, as the Jackson and Adams campaigns threw scurrilous charges at each other. The Election of Was Marked By Dirty Tactics Search the site GO.

Presidential campaign tactics of 1828 and

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