Paniqui water essay

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Paniqui water essay

The mark market for H2O lily handcrafts would be predominately the local market of wealthier Filipinos. The local authorities unit of Paniqui plans to prosecute on providing H2O lily handcrafts for sweeping to a figure of domestic distributers and retail webs. These consumers and other incognizant consumers will be targeted through direct selling and direct and indirect advertisement runs backed up by the local authorities unit of Paniqui.

There are three chief market marks for the H2O lily handcrafts. The mark for the H2O lily manner points largely handbags. It is anticipated that domestic gross revenues to provide to the big touristry market all over the Philippine islands will do up the bulk of H2O lily manner itemsales.

The mark market for H2O lily handcrafts largely lampshade. This embodies a important market. The chief possible rivals would be other communities all over the state who besides started this H2O lily weaving undertaking. Another is handicrafts made of other autochthonal stuffs. Water lily merchandises could vie good on the footing of monetary value with other autochthonal stuffs as the natural stuffs are freely harvested.

The typical publicity about the H2O lily merchandises is that they are good crafted by manus using autochthonal stuffs and the designs are cosmetic stressing the Filipino heritage. The handcraft could besides be made to order. The job of the mark users was they want to hold an easy dealing to the Water lily Handicrafts.

Undertaking Context The H2O lily undertaking started as a support plan for the Paniqui adult females. A broad scope of merchandises like places. The Program is in coordination with the Provincial Government of Tarlac which besides gives the needful promotional and advertisement run with the national bureau.

It started from 12 homemakers to 25 adult females and young persons and so to 50 within a twelvemonth. Handcrafting finally became a constructive activity for people who were one time lingering outside their places playing cards and acquiring drunk the every twenty-four hours.

Some weavers take their work at place with the whole household fall ining the devising of the H2O lily handcrafts. While others chooses to work at the Paniqui Livelihood Center were stuffs are readily available. A family would gain approximately around three hundred pesos Php weekly during slack season and about six hundred pesos Php weekly during extremum season.

Before it became a support plan last August It is projected that by the 4th twelvemonth of operation the entire income for the workers from handcrafting activities could increase approximately 3 times by the twelvemonth Purpose and Description The intent of the survey is to supply a web site to the community of Paniqui.

Tarlac for the Waterlily Handicrafts for them to easy advance and publicize their merchandises. Aims The purpose of the survey focuses on the development of the proposed Waterlily Handicrafts Website.

Some of the aims are: To assist the citizens of the municipality of Paniqui. Tarlac to advance their merchandises online. To hold an easy minutess to their clients through the web site. To salvage manpower when it comes to selling the merchandises through the handiness of the web site.

Scope and Restriction The system is an on-line concern dealing of merchandises. It is chiefly indicated to the abodes of the state of Tarlac.Water level in some places can rise quickly especially if all waters flow directly to clogged damages or to the river and then flow back to land area.

Paniqui water essay

Sky View Restobar. Restobar is a business establishment which prepares and serves foods, drinks and also alcoholic drinks to customers in return for money, either paid before the . The local authorities unit of Paniqui plans to prosecute on providing H2O lily handcrafts for sweeping to a figure of domestic distributers and retail webs.

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By , the Paniqui parish included Camiling and Pantol, aside from Paontalon which later became the town of Baruc or the present-day Gerona.

Camiling became a . Paniqui Water Lily Handicrafts | Dried water lily stalks woven into fine handicrafts became the livelihood of women, housewives, out-of-school youths, and senior citizens of Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines.

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