Jjc jc1 h2 maths 2012 promo

Miss Tay Lai Ling takes over as the college principal from the year Some of the facilities include a 3-storey classroom block, a 2-storey library, computer laboratories, lecture theatres and a multi-purpose hall, all of which are air-conditioned.

Jjc jc1 h2 maths 2012 promo

Write in dark blue or black pen on both sides of the paper. You may use a soft pencil for any diagrams or graphs. Answer all the questions. Give non-exact numerical answers correct to 3 significant figures, or 1 decimal place in the case of angles in degrees, unless a different level of accuracy is specified in the question.

The course offered in SRJC consists of H1 General Paper, H1 Mother Tongue, H1 Project Work, together with four content-based subjects (3H2+1H1 or four H2 subjects). Students with a flair in an area will be offered subjects at H3 level after the end of JC1 promotional exams. H2 Math: Promo Exam Functions S/No Topic Answers (includes comments and graph) JJC//H2/Promo/5 The function f is defined by 2 f: 1 x x x + SAJC//H2/Promo/6 Functions f and g are defined by f: 2 for, where is an unknown constant2 g: tan for,. 2 2. SEARCH TUTORS IMPORTANT: Scroll Down for Search Results after you hit Search Button.

You are expected to use a graphic calculator. Unsupported answers from a graphic calculator are allowed unless a question specifically states otherwise. Where unsupported answers from a graphic calculator are not allowed in a question, you are required to present the mathematical steps using mathematical notations and not calculator commands.

You are reminded of the need for clear presentation in your answers. The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question. At the end of the examination, fasten all your work securely together. The figure shows the model of a building with a total volume of cm3.

The height of the middle section is two-fifths the height of the If the shaded curved surface area required for painting is cm2, find the of this model.

Comment on the [2] On the last day of every week, he sells exactly k chickens where k is a positive integer and is divisible by k to a restaurant.

The sale continues until the farmer has sold all of his chickens. Hence, i find the limit of the sequence. Factory A uses a number of raw materials to produce their product U-Gallop.

The factory uses Super B at a rate of 2x m3s The functions f and g are defined as follows: Find the function f R ln 2 30x i Find the exact value of the x-coordinate of the point M.

Find the range of values of k for xk [3]which the curve C cuts the x-axis at two distinct points. The two asymptotes of C intersect at point P.

Find the Cartesian equation of Q. Hence, state the range of values of a for which the curves C and Q have exactly one point of intersection.JC1 H2 Math Promo Papers from: ACJC Anglo-Chinese Junior College Be the first to review โ€œ A Level Junior College JC1 H2 Maths Promotional Exam Papers (soft copy)โ€ Cancel reply.

You must be logged in to post a review. Related Products. A Level Junior College JC H1 Maths Past Year Prelim Exam Papers () (soft . A level jc past year papers and stuff , vjc, rjc, hci jc2 h2 chemistry prelim past year papers questions and answers vjc jc1 h2 econs mid year & promo past year papers questions and answers vjc jc1 h2 physics condensed notes, mid year and promo past year papers questions and answers.

SEARCH TUTORS IMPORTANT: Scroll Down for Search Results after you hit Search Button. JC 1 H2 Maths Promo Practice Paper 1 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. JC1 H2 Chemistry Promo P2. Uploaded by. joshua_ Meridian Junior College. Uploaded by. H2 Maths JJC Promo Solns.

Uploaded by. Lionel Torres Lee. math hw. Uploaded by. j Maths_ Promo Questions. H2 Mathematics Summarized Formulae.

Jjc jc1 h2 maths 2012 promo

Chris Chiam Da Jian. uploaded Nov ยท updated Oct H2 Mathematics. A summary for H2 Math formulae. Includes all formulas from each topic. Share if you find it useful:) Download. k. Download 8 Promo Formula Sheet by Ryan Seow.

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