How to write an essay ielts task 1

The government and individuals are spending too much money on national celebrations like new year or festivals. We, therefore, need to tell IELTS examiner clearly whether we agree or disagree, and this will influence our thesis statement. So, the thesis statement should be as follows:

How to write an essay ielts task 1

In fact, as we will see later in this post, it is very difficult to score 7 or over without a good one. An overview is simply a summary of the main or most important points in a graph, chart, process or map. It is normally sentences long and should be the second paragraph you write in your essay.

As we will see below, it also influences what you write in the rest of your essay. Learn how to write a good one and you are much more likely to get a high score.

What does the examiner want?

how to write an essay ielts task 1

An overview is one of the first things an examiner looks for because it shows them that you can identify the most important information from the graph or chart and clearly identify overall trends and comparisons. This means that to get at least a 5 for task achievement we must give some kind of overview.

If we do not give any overview we will always get below a 5. If you know how to select the appropriate data and you practice writing a clear overview, then you are likely to get the score you deserve in this section. What is an overview?

To understand this we must look at the question. The question for academic task one is always the same: Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

We, therefore, need to provide a short summary of the main features. You do this in the overview paragraph by picking out of the most significant things you can see and writing them in general terms.

To understand this we have to think about the different types of graphs and charts we might see. There are generally two different kinds of charts and graphs: Dynamic charts show data over time and static charts show data at just one point in time.

This will affect the type of data we select. When we are looking at dynamic graphs we should be looking out for: What does the data do from the start to the finish?

Do they generally go up or down or do they fluctuate? Any significant difference from the general trend?IELTS Writing Task 1 Lessons: Overview How to Write an Academic IELTS Task 1 This starter lessons tells you in simple steps how to structure and write a basic IELTS Graph.

An IELTS essay is structured like any other essay; you just need to make it shorter. There are three key elements: Introduction; Body Paragraphs; Conclusion; We will look at each of these in turn, using the essay question above as an example.

1) Introduction. You . IELTS WRITING TASK 2 Best answer. The essay type questions for Task 2 are usually asking about some general thing in society. The topic could be education, health, age, gender roles, the youth, the environment basically anything. IELTS Academic Writing Task 1.

In this task you will be presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram and asked to describe, summarise or explain the given information.. How to answer IELTS Academic Task 1?

1) Analyse the graph. Firstly, you need to get an overview of . IELTS Sample Charts (IELTS Writing Task 1) The Writing Task 1 of the IELTS Academic test requires you to write a summary of at least words in response to a particular graph (bar, line or pie graph), table, chart, or process (how something works, how something is done).

How to Write this Essay Writing Tips.


How to Write an IELTS Writing Task 1 General Essay/Letter. As you sit down to work on the IELTS writing task 1 for the general test, you’ll notice that you are given a scenario in which you need to write a letter.

There are several different options, including formal and informal, but in general, a letter.

IELTS Writing Task 1