How to write an address on a bubble mailer

Picture the followup email and brace yourself for a full refund or the need to provide a replacement item. Using a bubble mailer, which will help absorb shock along the delivery route, can help your business avoid these negative experiences for a minimal cost, and the mailers can be shipped through any package handling service, including the United States Postal Service.

How to write an address on a bubble mailer

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Bubble mailers cushion items between layers of gentle, air-filled plastic bubbles. People shipping CDs, books, toys or other small items frequently choose to employ bubble mailers over traditional cardboard packaging to take advantage of the lower shipping prices available for bubble mailers.

Send a bubble mailer the same way you would any large envelope. Place the object being mailed inside the bubble mailer.

how to write an address on a bubble mailer

Close the flap on the bubble mailer, securing it to the envelope using the securing mechanism employed by your particular bubble mailer. Avoid pushing down roughly on the package and popping the bubbles inside.

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Write your name and address in the upper-left corner of the mailer. Place the bubble mailer on a scale capable of measuring ounces.

Record the weight of the bubble mailer. Affix the appropriate amount of stamps to the upper-right corner of the bubble mailer. Place the bubble mailer in a mail box or bring it to a postal center. Employees at the postal center can weigh the mailer and provide the appropriate postage. You only have to pay the price of the postage.

Consider wrapping the items inside the bubble mailer in cling film as an extra layer of protection in case the mailer gets wet or the integrity of the mailer is compromised. People shipping bubble mailers to other countries should use international stamps.

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Bring the bubble mailer to the post office and employees will help you apply the correct postage.S oft shell padded mailer without bubble dimple on surface. Durability,multi-layers poythene film provides optimum protection against moisture resistant,puncture and tear,especially for valued items.

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Ecolite bubble mailers provide outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products. 1/2" fins on 3 sides of bag help absorb shock and protect enclosed product. Fancy Envelopes Mail Art Envelopes Decorated Envelopes Address Envelopes Envelope Design Envelope Art Envelope Writing Hand Lettering Envelopes Calligraphy Envelope Forward This past December I participated in winter themed envelope exchange.

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Some padded envelopes have a pre-printed address label already on the front of the envelope. A return address should be written on the back of the envelope somewhere. The size and weight of the packed envelope determines how much the package costs to post.

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