Easy egg drop project

Trisha April 8, Science An egg drop experiment is a classic science activity that kids love. There are many ways to set up an egg drop experiment.

Easy egg drop project

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My 14 year old daughter tried several methods using parachutes, balloons, a roll of duct tape aka duck tape and each attempt led to a pile of egg goop and a disappointed young lady. The balloons, though colorful, popped on impact and so did the egg. The roll of duct tape was a futile attempt to coat this critter in plastic wrap and somehow hoping this would hold the egg firmly together.

After the drop, the seeping egg juice made it clear that this approach was not the solution. And so began our internet search for a solution to our egg drop project. We were fortunate to find many techniques and this project went from a "hey Dad would you help me on my homework for an hour" to a two day trial and error science project.

Of all the egg drop designs we found, this one worked the best. After 3 attempts, we agreed the design was successful and Daddy needed a break from climbing stairs.

Easy egg drop project

Then Dad had another of his "hey honey I have an idea" moments and out came the aluminum Louisville Slugger bat he used 20 years ago in high school. Determined to show his daughter the great structural integrity of her design, he handed his bat to his daughter, lobbed the box underhand to her, and she attempted to knock it into the neighbors lawn.

It made a big "thud" noise and landed 8 feet. We opened the box and, to our amazement, the inner box was in tact with the egg unharmed! Then came the neighbors. After re-taping the outer box, we gave each neighborhood kid a swing at this thing. After each swing, we opened the box, confirmed the egg was okay, added some duct tape to the box, and pitch it again to another kid.

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This became quite a popular event and taught the kids a little science in the process.It's hands-on egg science! Eggs may seem like an ordinary part of your world, but we have some science projects and experiments that will show you just how extraordinary they really are.

Egg Drop Soup Recipe | She Wears Many Hats As I write this post, I have boxes needing to be purged that beckon me, or rather, mock me. Can you hear them?

Discovering the physical and chemical properties of eggs is fun and exciting with demonstrations like the Impossible Egg Crush, the Incredible Egg Geode, and.

Engineering projects can get complicated, but these six are all easy, simple, and fun for kids of all ages. Try these experiments with multiple kids and see which designs are best for each project!

Easy egg drop project

Egg Drop Engineering Project. Nov 15,  · Edit Article How to Drop an Egg Without It Breaking.

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In this Article: Article Summary Cushioning and Protecting the Egg Changing the Way the Egg Drops Changing the Landing Site Community Q&A The egg drop is a classic science experiment, but it can still be pretty intimidating if you've never successfully completed it%(45).

Egg drop soup is really, really REALLY easy to make. You may never order it from a takeout restaurant again. I love that when making it at home you can control the ingredients.

Oct 20,  · In my 11th grade physics class, we are doing an egg drop experiment that has a few restrictions. We can use any material except bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts, the apparatus needs to be g (about 6oz) or less (without the egg), and it is to be dropped from one story up into a target area.

Science Fair Project Summary-Egg Drop Experiment For my project I decided to conduct an egg drop experiment. I wanted to test free-fall, the downward movement of .

Fun Egg Drop Project Ideas for Kids