Changelab beverage industry report final cls

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Changelab beverage industry report final cls

Bychronic diseases will cause 52 million global deaths per year, nearly five times the number of deaths from communicable diseases. Injust one in eight American adults was obese with a body mass index of 30 or higher.

Today, it is one in three adults.

Changelab beverage industry report final cls

Health problems have become a drag on economies and the futures of individuals, families, communities, and nations. In the face of these health challenges, the design of our built environment has become a key element in combating the risk factors for chronic disease.

Evidence shows that where we live and work has strong links to health. This report identifies opportunities to enhance health and to enhance and preserve value by Changelab beverage industry report final cls growing desires for health-promoting places.

This report is targeted at the shapers of buildings and projects from design to operation, including developers, property owners, building managers, investors, and others involved in decision making about real estate.

These actors can play a role in crafting places that contribute to a healthier community fabric, places that promote better health for all and that will ultimately result in higher, more sustained market returns.

The fabric of a city is woven from these units. Many untapped opportunities exist to do more to prevent poor health and to promote good health, in developments themselves and in the way that they interact—physically and socially— with their communities and neighborhoods.

The development industry—real estate developers, property owners, operators, and managers, and others involved in the direct delivery of real estate, both public and private—has a profound influence on the world.

Everyday project decisions the industry makes directly affect the future of communities. What if more of these decisions had health at their core? Craig Kuhner recommendations that relate to health.

Health and the Built Environment, which reviews interconnections between health and the built environment. The Business Case, discussed on page 4, highlights 13 projects that have used health-promoting design strategies and analyzes the market response.

Taken together, these publications provide the development community with critical insights for creating projects that promote health.

This toolkit takes the conversation further by unpacking how to pursue healthy development practices. Our high-cost medical system is mostly ineffective in creating healthfulness. Fifty years ago, developers figured out that sports added value to real estate.

Thus were born fairways with housing lined up along them and tennis centers at the heart of resorts.

Working with Landlords & Property Managers on Smokefree ...

Today, health and its various activities and amenities are going to do the same. People will be attracted to places that help them be healthier, just as 40 years ago they were attracted to a view down a fairway.

Not only do you need to produce the fairway, you need to teach them how to use it. The toolkit is targeted at shapers of buildings and projects from design to operation. The report outlines 21 evidence-based recommendations for promoting health at the building or project scale.

At the heart of the report lies a rigorous review of existing health literature. The 21 recommendations all have strong supporting evidence. A list of practical implementation strategies and best practices, grouped according to their available evidence base, supports each of the 21 overarching recommendations.

The recommendations and strategies in the report meet the following criteria: The toolkit identifies 21 evidence-based recommendations, which are in boldface type and numbered throughout. These recommendations have strong supporting evidence, defined as peer-reviewed publication of at least five cross-sectional or two longitudinal studies or an equivalent systematic review with significant findings.

The best practice strategies lack a published health-evidence base at this time but are anticipated to promote health, given theory, professional practice, and industry standards.

More research is encouraged. The survey-based research effort America in identified strong market preferences for walkability, proximity to parks, and other wellness-related community features, with 76 percent of U. These strategies support the 21 recommendations.

The listed strategies have strong supporting health evidence in at least one supporting peer-reviewed publication. One year, my third-grade class was housed in a bungalow in Griffith Park.Municipal Strategies to Increase Food Access Volume 2 of the Heathy Community Design Toolkit Acknowledgments This report was the result of collabo.

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