Anthroprogenic climate change and its effects

By examining the polar ice cores, scientists are convinced that human activity has increased the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has skyrocketed over the past few hundred years.

Anthroprogenic climate change and its effects

Included are items referring to the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, and global warming, as well as climate change. Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available.

If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page. The natural greenhouse effect has resulted in an atmosphere warm enough to support life, but recent increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activities are hypothesized to have led to increased temperatures, in a process referred to as global warming.

This anthropogenic warming of the atmosphere appears to have caused changes to the climate above and beyond those that would naturally occur. Global warming is often subsumed into the more general term climate change, to represent its consequences.

It also has effects on the biosphere and the composition of the oceans, and it may be related to more frequent extreme weather events as well.

In this page, references to greenhouse gases CO2, methane, CFCs, freon, carbon dioxide, carbon emissions, heat-trapping gases, etc. This makes it easy to identify them for anyone who wishes to study them more closely.

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Philatelic items for international conferences that have some relation to climate are found in the Climate-related international conferences page, where the major themes of each conference are listed.

In the tables of that page items with specific mention of climate change or global warming or other related text are highlighted in pale yellow so that the user can easily find them as well. Philatelic items for people who contributed to climatology are found in the Climatologists and contributors to climatology page, where brief classifications of their principal climatological contributions are found.

In both pages the anthropogenic climate change theme is displayed in red, so the user can easily find all the conference and climatologist items that also relate to anthropogenic climate change. Stamps in the Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers PPRG page can also be considered as implicitly related to the climate-change theme, although most of them do not mention climate change specifically.

Launch covers including anniversary-of-launch covers, and launch-related event covers farther below stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.Updates to this animation are now available Spiralling global temperatures. Click for full size animated version. The animated spiral presents global temperature change in a visually appealing and straightforward way.

The pace of change is immediately obvious, especially over the past few decades.

Anthroprogenic climate change and its effects

Apr 26,  · temperatures, global warming is feared for its effects on climate change, such as rising sea levels and the melting of glaciers, that will ultimately result in a non-sustainable environment and negative health consequences for mankind. In its Fifth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of 1, independent scientific experts from countries all over the world under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded there's a more than 95 percent probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.

Climate Change and its effects of White water rafting Parker Blackstock ADVG T Nov 24/ Angela Bueckert With the rising effects of Global warming taking its toll on glaciers and agriculture in British Columbia, surprisingly the white water rafting industry has managed to grow significantly in the last 20 years.

Anthroprogenic Climate Change and Its Effects.

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Human-induced climate change will have various effects on our landscapes and on our way of life. Discuss the causes of anthropogenic climate change, and using examples from Ireland and internationally.

Recent Examples on the Web. Natural selection simply does not operate on the same timescale as industrialization, so to keep pace with anthropogenic change, wild animals have resorted to altering their behavior rather than their genes.

— Katherine J.

Wu, Smithsonian, "How Humans Created the Ultimate Superpests," 9 July Where is his own secret science that refutes findings anthropogenic.

Anthropogenic Climate Change