A personal view od september 11th

Osama bin Laden traveled to Afghanistan and helped organize Arab mujahideen to resist the Soviets.

A personal view od september 11th

It has been republished here in an edited format.

A personal view od september 11th

On a bright June afternoon, Debby Borza leads a small group of visitors along a footpath overlooking hundreds of acres of green fields in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. She reflects on the once-scarred land of this abandoned strip mine, pointing out the newest changes to the landscape: The groves were planted in memory of the 40 flight passengers and crew members who lost their lives here on the morning of September 11, Debby Borza left leads visitors along a footpath near the Flight 93 memorial, where 40 people lost their lives during the September 11,attacks.

The Pennsylvania strip mine—one of three sites marking the worst terrorist attack in U. The two women are coming from the main park entrance—which means they must have ridden Route 30, a dangerous stretch of road for bikes.

She introduces herself and asks if they need help or directions. Department of State CC by 2. It links to the Flight 93 memorial via a newly acquired rail right-of-way from Garrett, Pennsylvania. Second, the trail is a tour of landmarks that focuses on themes of American nation-building and resilience.

Finally, the September 11th National Memorial Trail marks a bold new experiment in trail connectivity. The wiggly lines of the route map bear witness to the hundreds of partners—big and small, public and private—that made the vast triangle complete.

The visionary behind it, David Brickley, is a former Virginia lawmaker and longtime champion of linear parks.

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Then director of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Brickley had planned a multi-state conference for Sept. Photo courtesy Marabuchi CC by 2. The concept of linked memorials had never before driven a U. As Brickley and his board quickly discovered, the commemorative goal would unify trail stakeholders at all levels.

But as of July 1, bikes will be allowed [by the Maryland Transportation Administration]. This is a group everyone pays attention to. Rather than aim for the most direct route, Thomas proposed a path that zigged and zagged through other heritage corridors such as the Johnstown Flood Memorial, Gettysburg National Military Park and Main Line Canal—seeking out community input as he mapped the alignment.

King, who assisted in mapping the east-west route, says the trail highlights pieces of American history unfamiliar to many. The tiny town of Berlin, in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, for example, was the headquarters of the Whiskey Rebellion.

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In fact, it would not exist at all if not for the connections already forged by such trails as the GAP and East Coast Greenway.

What is unique about the NMT is that its founders sought to piggyback along existing trails rather than merge them. Nee first heard about the NMT project through a local colleague.

The most important of those donations, a acre right-of-way connecting the Flight 93 memorial to the GAPcame just this year from the railroad company CSX.

Congressman Bill Shuster R-Pa. The vision of a completed triangle of memorials has become a reality, though parts of the trail still await signage and improvements.

A personal view od september 11th

Brenner believes memorial trips like his inaugural ride will become common, beginning with long-distance cyclists and widening to include day-trippers, hikers, motorcycle groups and drivers. The trail, he says, is a work in progress, and like the Appalachian Trailit will continue to evolve.

He predicts the communities it passes through will see economic and cultural revival as towns along the GAP have. Trail founder Brickley also believes the trail will bring new life to the communities along its path—and cites plans to seek a federal trails designation and pursue funding for more improvements.

Most of all, Brickley like every other person interviewed for this article expresses hope that the contagious spirit of unity and cooperation will continue, in a national mission that uses the power of trails to point to shared remembrances and heritage.

Our magazine is a premium of Rails-to-Trails Membership.Technology Brings Personal Stories to Life Cell phones helped bring the horror to life on 9/11, as frantic people made calls to search for loved ones and to get help.

While the news media has access to fragments of calls, most will never be heard on the public airwaves. Jun 17,  · On August 31, , it was announced that the International Center for 9/11 Studies had secured the release of hundreds of hours of video that shows the events of September 11, The videos were held by the National Institute of Standards and .

Sep 11,  · Twelve years after the Sept.

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11 attacks, these images still resonate, reminding of the absolute physical and emotional devastation that so many people experienced that day. for offi cers required in the post-September 11th environment. In his charter guidance, the CSA STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES. 2 (ATLD) Panel (Offi cer) report adequately covered neglected because of the widespread view that work and personal matters must be separated.

September 11 National Day of Service & Remembrance. Because of efforts to build support for this idea, September 11 was designated The September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance by the Edward M.

Kennedy Serve America Act. Follow/Fav A Personal View on 9/ By: Newkirk's Heroes. Two Personal Views On 9/11 I. To sketch words and not Make it forced or Every-day-now To write, from the shivering Peak of sickness and fever, to Be cold--and in love--With the World Self-styled or mass produced.

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